In Support of Public Education in Argentina

My name is Mónica Domínguez Mulholland, an English teacher graduated from the Instituto Superior del Profesorado Dr. Joaquín V González in 1988. This message (video below) is to express my strong opposition to the closure of 29 Teacher Training Colleges in the City of Buenos Aires, Argentina. My support comes from the USA. Here, our degree is as valid as a bachelor’s degree, neither more nor less. When I moved 15 years ago, I was able to teach in public schools, achieve a Master’s degree, complete a Ph.D., and now I’m completing my second Master’s degree as I teach English at the college level. Also, I am a teacher trainer with experience in the USA, Argentina, Brazil, Guatemala, Cuba and Spain. Everywhere, my academic background, especially that from my Bachelor’s degree, has been respected. Why? Because it taught me HOW TO TEACH, and that cannot be found everywhere, not even at the most prestigious universities sometimes.
Dear colleagues and students, KEEP FIGHTING! The Argentinian education can and should be improved by building on what we have; not by destroying prestigious academic institutions. Our Joaquín V. González is over 100 years old, and it should stand proud.