My Road So Far… in a Nutshell

Born in the heart of Buenos Aires, Argentina, I’m a city girl through and through. I’m also completely obsessed with education, personal development, and traveling. In 1988, I graduated as a teacher of English from the Profesorado Superior Joaquín V. González. A few years after my graduation, I specialized in Pedagogy and Foreign-Language Methodology under the guidance and supervision of Prof. Ana María Armendáriz. In that field, my emphasis has always been on teacher development through reflective practices, life-long learning and collaboration with colleagues across disciplines and geographical locations. I served as a Methodology Teaching Assistant at Joaquín V. González (1991-1997) and a Methodology lecturer at the Profesorado del Sagrado Corazón (1999-2002) in Buenos Aires. During that time (1991-2001), I presented at several Language Teaching Conferences in Argentina, Chile and Brazil, and I led teacher workshops at my own studio, the Creative Learning Center in Buenos Aires.

In 2002, I made a decision that would change my life completely since it took me all the way to the United States, where I became a Spanish teacher at Stone Bridge High School in Ashburn, Virginia. I then completed my M.A. in Foreign Languages at George Mason University, followed by a Ph.D. in Early-Modern Spanish Literature at the Catholic University of America.

After teaching Spanish full-time at George Mason University for five years (2011-2016), I am now dedicated to the English language education of ESL students at the Virginia Tech Language and Culture Institute in Fairfax, Virginia. I am also a free-lance Educational Consultant specialized in topics such as Mindfulness, Creativity and Brain-based Education.

This path and the  wise counsel of a good friend has led me to become a Toastmaster at Burke Toastmasters, where I serve as the 2017-2018 Vice-President of Education. In that leading role, I make sure our meetings run smoothly by organizing a team of speakers and officers every two weeks. Together, we hone our skills to “listen, think critically, plan, manage time, facilitate, motivate, and mentor” (TM Competent Leadership Manual).

On a more personal note: City girl meets country boy… and here we are, somewhere in-between with Abby, our beautiful yellow Lab, who changed our lives forever in April of 2014.